Day 4 • Sunday May 30, 2021

Bar Belle Vie 2021: Closing

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🇮🇹 Moonwalk (IT)

Stil vor Talent

The Naples-based duo Moonwalk has dominated the Beatport charts with their productions for several years. In 2016 they finally broke through with “Meteora EP” on Stil Vor Talent, which received enormous support from Marco Carola, Solomun & Carl Cox, among others! the qualitative productions continue to follow each other, which recently resulted in the monster hit ‘Orbital’ on Don Solomun’s DIYNAMIC. Far away from the mainstream, they are constantly looking for unique sounds inspired by their imaginary moonwalks.

🇪🇸 Edu Imbernon (ES)

Fayer, Eklektisch

Edu is a driving force in the emotion-driven and energetic melodic scene. He travels the world with his Fayer concept / label to bring his vibe to the craziest locations. The Valencian catapulted himself towards stardom at the time with his remix of The XX - Crystalized. Personal favorite and good friend of our Belgian melodic hero Nico Morano!

🇧🇪 Heckman (BE)


Steadily built his way to the Belgian top where he managed to secure a permanent place. Finished Franky Rizardo's FLOW internship last year after the master himself. As an organizer of DIEP, a similar event to Bar Belle Vie if we are allowed to be free, he annually brings big names such as Patrice Baümel & Gui Boratto to Belgium at his various events. Also at production level he recently even received support from the heroes of Tale of Us!

🇧🇪Medulla (BE)

Soulair, Residence, Bar Belle Vie

Our resident Medulla is without a doubt a cornerstone in our musical department. This talented local continues to musically reinvent himself and to keep making progress. His masterful choice of records and ditto mix kills make him a very welcomed guest from Charlatan over Bar des Amis to Ostend Beach Festival itself! With Residence and Soulair he has 2 great concepts under his wing to fall back on every year for a solid portion of house!

🇧🇪Colsen & Narcose (BE)

Bar Belle Vie

It's actually becoming a tradition to bring our musical friends back to the cradle. Although both Colsen in Berlin and veterinary Narcose in the British countryside thrive, we are happy to bring them back together to “Take it Slow”.
Their roots, one at Ben & Karbie, the other at Woomes, provide a hugely diverse and eclectic combo that can go in all musically directions. At the beginning of February they were guests at Thé Dansant where they were allowed to warm the audience for Kater Blau’s Britta Arnold!

🇧🇪Klaus & Juan (BE)

Bar Belle Vie, HUME

Our residents & co-organizers need no further introduction for those who have ever joined us. They each put their own touch in each edition of Bar Belle Vie to date, their well-known DJ sets included. At Bar Belle Vie they always carefully select the most relevant DJs of the moment from home and abroad.

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